We have our chFire-Pitef on site who runs the kitchen offering dinners and providing basic facilities and storage space for guests. His cooking is mostly vegetarian utilising as much homegrown and organic produce as possible from the garden and farm. We also have a BBQ area and wood fired Pizza oven with sink and preparation space. The adjoining Reception/Lounge has a large shaded living area for dining plus a lawn and fire space for relaxing and enjoying the view. There is an attached bar and shop offering local and handmade products.

SinksOur toilet and shower area is beautifully designed out of wood and bamboo. It is subtly situated under a large cork tree, by the river where you can watch the sunset as you shower. All of our water comes from the site and hot water is solar generated. The toilets are dry compost toilets, emptied and cleaned daily. Your compost contributions are then used the following year to enrich the soil and feed the plants!

We have a kids’ playground area with swings and slides, and hanging chairs in the trees. Amidst the gardens there are various shaded and comfy areas to sit in. We also have an ‘Open Farm’ where children can have the opportunity to have contact with and learn about the animals and nature. Children can stroke and feed the animals, and help pick the fruit and vegetables.

BeachOur freshwater lake has its own private beach, sun chairs and shaded areas. It is a fantastic spot for swimming, sunbathing, water games, picnics or just relaxing. Water floats, games and a kayake are available for use on site.

BeachBareventsThere is a bar serving some alcoholic drinks, juices, smoothies and acai. Behind the beach is our new Inspiral area, a circular space made with a reciprocal roof. This provides a multifunctional space for yoga, group activities and events.