Our Vision

Our-VisionWe believe in the continual yet organic growth of Aterra. We always endeavour to improve and expand our services yet retain our ‘home-grown’, personal touch. We wish to keep the campsite as a small enterprise, increasing in quality not quantity. We aim to extend our standards of comfort and range of facilities whilst keeping it affordable and maintaining our clientele. We always invite guests to give us feedback from their experiences and ideas as to how we can improve.

In the future we will develop our accommodation facilities to provide year round permanent structures elsewhere on the land. Plans are for 6 individual pods made out of different natural, local or recycled materials. We will combine various techniques of construction to build using wood, straw bales, earth, stone and rocks, tyres and sandbags.

We hope to expand our open farm and gardens to invite non-guests to visit. We aim to provide educational tours for families and schools with a range of activities. We aim to offer holiday camps for children and extend our range of workshops and courses for a wider public. We hope to increase our organic production so that visitors can purchase our goods from a small farm shop.